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Green packaging become inevitable trend

Browse number:     Date:2015-08-20
Core tip: in the packaging product whole life cycle of (from the materials, products processing to the waste management) on human health and the environment do not cause pollution of moderate packaging, packaging world development inevitably choice, will become the inevitable trend of the packaging industry development.This in the world, it can be seen.

In China packaging net news 】 【 packing product whole life cycle (from the materials, products processing to the waste disposal) on human health and the environment caused by pollution of moderate packaging, packaging the inevitable choice of world development, will become the inevitable trend of the packaging industry development.This in the world, it can be seen.

In recent 10 years, green or sustainable packaging has become a hot topic in the packaging industry.The United States, according to a market research report out global green packaging market is the market value of nearly $109 billion last year, by 2018 that figure is expected to be close to $178 billion.Packers already from the previous pay attention to the practical products to pay attention to safety, health and easy recycling and environmental protection requirements.

Internationally, the green packaging is also stick to decrement, can repeat and biodegradable, recyclable, fill again use principle.

Consumers' environmental awareness, demand for food packaging also increase accordingly.Because only the final packaging qualified, qualified food finally qualified.As we all know, recycling is a variety of food packaging production enterprises, operators and consumers Shared responsibility, only the various kinds of packing materials into the chain of circular economy and the industrialization of recycling, to solve the problem of the sustainable development of food packaging industry.And the situation is, recycling enterprise has not formed industrial scale, the scale of operation than a few years ago is still in shrink, mainly because of technical and financial problems.If the enterprise have a breakthrough in the field of technology, perhaps can change the industry.

Vast green, broad packaging

The concept of green fire especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan region.In Hong Kong and Taiwan, "green life" is more and more wide range of aspects: beauty, kitchen waste treatment, food safety, construction, travel...

Hong Kong wong kam-sing told reporters last month, secretary of the environment in Hong Kong in the next 10 years to promote green building, and guide people to make good use of energy.The word high school in Hong Kong, everywhere: the environmental protection facilities built on campus organic farms, roof planted, the classroom full of green plants using LED lighting, using solar panels and wind power generation...In 2013, the word high school by the United States green building council named as "the world's most green school", to reduce the amount of electricity of hk $300000 a year.

The 2014 World Cup, France, Brazil, the Netherlands and other 10 national team jersey, production material is recycled plastic bottles, the origin is Taiwan.Taiwan enterprises after more than 10 years of research, developed a high-tech recycling environmental protection plastic cloth.The green cloth can be moisture absorption, perspiration, pulling, is suitable for the football match, intense global market share of 70%.

Taiwan on the market and can be completely decomposed environmental protection mask, far-infrared antibacterial wood, environmental protection building materials, environmental protection textile..."Green" products are multifarious.

Green packaging, more and more profound.

Specification walk, walk good specifications

The old specification change from time to time, the new criterion is more detail.Green packaging specification product design process basically has the following methods:

From slack products analysis on the morphological structure of green packaging design, mainly in order to make the structure more scientific and practical, beautiful packing.At this level, the first serious determine the basic concept of product attributes, and in the framework of thinking about how to improve the product's impact on the environment, in the design process is to analyze the features of the product structure, material also to analyze product structure.

Thinking of green packaging design from the function, main is to make use of our products to more reasonable, its basic idea is analyzed in detail the features of the product to determine what is the most basic features, to evaluate the implementation of these functions is consumes less material and energy, the minimum load to the environment.Its design process are:

From the consideration on the packing product cycle of green product design, facilitate throughout the product cycle to make overall description, resource consumption and environmental load design method of the human body is:

(1) establish packaging product cycle operation frame;

(2) determination of energy consumption in the process of packaging products in the transport and use, recycling of renewable materials in packaging products;

(3) list the packing material consumption, the total evaluation of raw materials in the state of energy consumption;

(4) determine the number of packaging products eventually waste.

Green packaging design is to ensure our products function under the premise of looking for a best suit a point, makes every effort to make the product packaging design and use more reasonable, in the product packaging design, it should be guarantee function of packaging design to minimize the use of materials at the same time, as far as possible eliminate unnecessary decoration and excess packaging, advocate contracted packaging, to save resources, maximum protection of the natural resources, the minimum number of generated waste, to reduce the pollution to the environment as much as possible.
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