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Browse number:     Date:2015-08-20
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Wood packaging is pest spread and diffusion of important ways, and because wood packaging often reused, origin is difficult to determine, it is impossible to determine the necessity of the measures taken by risk analysis. Thus the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention, referred IPPC) to develop a "wood packaging material in international trade management guidelines," we recommend that all countries or regions unified wood packaging management measures to reduce the risk of transmission and spread of harmful organisms.
Developed for this AQSIQ "exit quarantine treatment of wood packaging management approach" (AQSIQ director Order No. 69), requires that all outbound goods shall be subject to heat treatment of wood packaging methyl bromide fumigation and quarantine pesticides.
I am in the Quarantine under the guidance of Changshu, construction of a high standard heat treatment facilities, and in January 2010 it was approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of exit wood packaging logo Enforcement enterprises. Currently has 4 100 cubic meters of heat treatment library, a heat treatment is controlled by the operating system and the full set of automatic monitoring system. And in strict accordance exit inspection requirements for wood packaging logo Enforcement.
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